Island Time’s Deck – KiwiGrip time

When we bought Island Time, one of the first things we noticed were the decks. Unlike many other trawlers, Island Time didn’t have teak decks. She probably had them at one time but were replaced with fiberglass and a diamond finish. We were glad the teak decks had been replaced but the decks didn’t look as good as they should. There was wood varnish splattered all over the decks and it wouldn’t come up. So KiwiGrip to the rescue.

We’ve used KiwiGrip to renew the non-skid on our Carver several times and were very pleased with the results.  KiwiGrip is a very easy product to use.  No real sanding or prep needed, just a clean surface.  Taping the areas you want to paint is probably the most time consuming part of the job.

Kiwigrip - 01.21.13

Kiwigrip - finished aft



Kiwigrip - finished bow









The decks looked great after we were finished. Another project marked off our TODO list….

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