Dinghy Restoration

On our project list, is applying a new “skin” of Liquid Rubber on our 10 year old Nautica Rib Dinghy.  The hypalon on the dinghy was wearing thin and there were several patches we wanted to cover as well.  Here are the “before” pictures:

We purchased Liquid Rubber from West Marine for the project.  Preparing the dinghy is the first and most important step.  Steve used 60 grit sandpaper with a palm sander.
We used blue painters tape to tape off areas that we didn’t want to apply the Liquid Rubber.  Next we prepared the Liquid Rubber. The bottle of catalyst is added to the quart of Liquid Rubber.  Also we added 4 ounces of Xylene to thin it and let it sit for 1 hour.  After the hour was up, it’s time to apply the Liquid Rubber with a paint brush.  It goes on the consistency of honey and pretty much stays where you leave it.
 We removed the blue painters tape and let it cure for several days and now we have a “like new” dinghy.
We are pleased with the results and hope it will give us many more years of service.

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