Deltaville, VA – May 9, 2014

Day 70
Miles Today: 0 SM; Total Miles: 1,242 SM
Locks Today: 0 ; Total Locks: 7

Friday morning was catch-up – last minute shopping and laundry. We were expecting 10-15 Loopers coming from the Rendezvous in Norfolk. Once they converged on this marina, there wouldn’t be a courtesy car or washer/dryer available.

We took a dinghy ride and had lunch at Railway Grill (formerly Cocomo’s). As we approached the restaurant, we saw the coolest houseboats all lined up, with docks by each. They are all owner-occupied (i.e. not rentals), although most are used seasonally by the owners.



We enjoy cool boat names. Here’s one:

Cool boat name "kids r gone"

Cool boat name “kids r gone”

We’ve met so many boaters with dogs. Here’s the crew of Thanks Dad going on a dinghy ride.

Sue and John with Coco (Boxer), Scuttles (Boston Terrier) and Louie (English Bulldog)

Sue and John with Coco (Boxer), Scuttles (Boston Terrier) and Louie (English Bulldog)

After lunch, it was back to the marina to watch the Looper boats come in. In all by the end of the day there were about 15 Loop boats including Satisfaction, Assisted Living, Panacea, Average Looper, Fruitcakes, Attitude Changer, Navigator, Alta, Thanks Dad and Summerland (I know I missed a few). The marina hosted docktails and it was nice meeting so many people on the same journey.

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