Chesapeake City, MD to Delaware City, DE – May 15, 2014

Day 76
Miles Today: 18 SM; Total Miles: 1,435 SM
Locks Today: 0 ; Total Locks: 7

A short trip and a new State – Delaware. That’s 7 states since we left Florida – 8 if you count our side trip to Gettysburg, PA. It was a short trip today but not an easy one.

The weather is expected to be windy and rainy starting tonight so we wanted to get to Delaware City Marina where we could wait out the weather. The winds were light this morning with dense fog but we ventured out anyway about 7 a.m. for our 18 mile trip. We followed Summer Recess and Meandering and visibility was 1/2 to 1 mile in the C & D canal. We were sounding our fog horn, monitoring AIS, and dodging a lot of logs and debris.

Meandering stopped at a nearby marina for fuel so we continued with Summer Recess. The closer we got to the Delaware Bay, the worse the fog had become. At the last bridge, we called the marina for instructions as they had requested. As we entered the Delaware Bay, the wind had picked up and it was much rougher than it had been in the Canal.

The marina is located in a narrow canal off the Delaware Bay and can be tricky getting in because of shallow spots and very strong current. The Dockmaster is known as an expert in the local waters and was very precise in his instructions and even repeated them a couple of times. That’s different from our other marina experiences. Summer Recess was instructed to enter the canal toward the marina first while we were told to wait in the Bay near the channel marker. Our turn came and we were safely tied to the dock.

By noon time, the fog had burned off and the sun was shining (which was better than yesterday because it was foggy and hazy all day and we didn’t see the sun). So the crew of Island Time, Summer Recess and Meandering set out to explore Delaware City, population 1,700.

Delaware City traces its origins to 1801 when the Newbold family from New Jersey purchased a tract of land that became known as Newbold’s Landing. The Newbolds drew plans for the town in 1826, with the expectation that it would eventually grow to rival Philadelphia as a Delaware River port and commercial center. Its location at the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal in 1829 caused Delaware City to become both an operating base and a way station for a number of significant shipping-related activities. Today tourism, port activities and a local oil refinery are major employers in the ares.

We enjoyed a nice walk along Main Street and stopped at a bakery – of course we couldn’t leave without some fresh, hot, chocolate chip cookies.

Delaware City, DE

Delaware City, DE

Delaware  City, DE

Delaware City, DE


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