Beausoleil Island, Ontario – June 27, 2014

Day 119
Miles Today: 0 SM; Total Miles: 2,365 SM
Locks Today: 0; Total Locks: 80

It was another beautiful, sunny day at the Georgian Bay Islands National Park at Beausoleil Island. This was the warmest day we’ve had since we arrived in Canada. Boaters and campers began streaming in early in the morning and this continues until nightfall.

After coffee this morning we went on a dinghy ride, enjoying the natural beauty all around us and the crystal water beneath us. The water was still too cold for us Floridians, but the low 70’s water temp didn’t stop anyone here at the dock or the boats anchored. Kids played in the water all day. Dinghy’s, wave runners and small boats pulled kids and adults alike on skis and tubes in the waters near the docks.

After lunch we went on a guided nature walk with the Sean, the Parks Canada Naturalist here at Beausoleil Island. We enjoyed listening to the history of the Island and learning about the indigenous plants and trees. The Parks has wonderful facilities for campers with ranging from individual and group campsites to two bedroom cabins.

A view from the Nature Walk

A view from the Nature Walk

A few of the original cook sites still exist from the the 1920’s when the park was first created. They are still used today and some boaters told us they are used to cook turkeys.


The tour ended at the cemetery where native Indians and early settlers were buried as well as several Soldiers from the War of 1812.

The Cemetery on Beausoleil Island

The Cemetery on Beausoleil Island

The Cemetery - part of the original fence

The Cemetery – part of the original fence

We joined several boaters on the dock for cocktails and then the mosquitos ran us in. Mosquitos are really bad this year because of the harsh winter. We were told that the government released dragonflys to eat the mosquitos; that would explain why we’ve seen so many dragonflys.


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