About Us

Steve, Regina, and cruiser pups, Cody and Cailee, aboard Island Time

Steve and Gina

Steve and Gina

We have always enjoyed the water, learning to scuba dive almost 25 years ago. After moving to Florida in 1993, we developed a love for boating and especially cruising. Weekends, holidays and vacations were spent exploring Florida by boat and diving the waters of the Florida Keys and Gulf of Mexico.

For more than a decade we have dreamed of living aboard a boat and eventually becoming full-time cruisers, cruising the Bahamas, The Great Loop, and beyond.

Following retirement, we moved aboard, first in our 37 ft. Carver Voyager, and more recently a 38 ft Marine Trader trawler. Our crew includes Cody, a four year old “teapot” Yorkie, and Cailee, a 2-1/2 year old “almost teacup” Yorkie. They are true cruisers as living on a boat is all they have know since they were puppies.

We created this blog to document our adventures first as weekend cruisers and now as we transition to full-time cruisers. We hope you will check in periodically to find out what we’ve been up to — in the meantime fair weather and calm seas!